Name: Zardi

Pokémon: Flygon

Gender: Female

Ability: Levitate

Level: 61

Attacks: Fly, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Earth Power

Items: Dragon Claw

Notable Appearance Differences: She doesn't look very different from other Flygon.

Personality: She's very timid and shy, but she wants to be more outgoing. When she meets another pokemon, she usually gets really shy, and doesn't talk much. She only gets into lengthy conversations with her friends, and she hates conversing with pokemon that are stronger and has a type advantage against her. When challenged in a pokemon battle, she'll accept, but if she loses, she refuses to admit it. She'll be angry for days, flying around uneasily, knowing that she wasn't strong enough.

History: When she was little, she was sent out by her trainer to battle against ice type pokemon. The type advantage made it hard for her, and she couldn't prove to her trainer that she was strong. This led to her bashful and timid personality, since she used to be more outgoing and louder when she was young. Afterwards, she fended off by herself in the wild, and she didn't have any friends. She closed herself off from the outside world, and only talked if she wants to.

Family: She doesn't know her father and mother, or if she has any siblings.

Roleplayed by Cchen3