Name: Twister

Pokemon: Absol

Level: 69

Moves: Knock Off, Sword Dance, Superpower, Sucker Punch

Nature: Adamant

Item: Choice Scarf (Scarf wrapped around too-furry-for-you neck)

Ability: Magic Bounce

Appearance: A straight-up Mega Absol, stuck in her Mega Evolution form, unable to switch back. This is why her neck is too-furry-for-you and why her ability is Magic Bounce.

Personality: She is very shy and cold, rarely speaking, only gesturing. She doesn't trust many Pokemon, and is very independent. Twister also has a short temper, responding with usual a glare and angry swipe of the tail. She has a thing for younger Pokemon, and can't stay around them. Twister has her own thoughts, and sticks to them fiercely, unable to bend, so she's kinda stubborn.

History: Twister was born in Unova from a well-known breeder. She was sold to a family and given to their daughter as a birthday present. They grew up together, and her Trainer went to Kalos to travel. There, she found an Absolite and recieved a Key Stone, so viola! While in the midst of a battle, Twister's Absolite fell off after the opposing Scyther slashed at it, and it fell and shattered, locking Twister in her Mega Evolution form. Her Trainer soon died from a Team Plasma attack afterwards, and she traveled on her own, untrusting of humans and Pokemon alike.

Family: Mother (Absol, status unknown); Father (Unknown Pokemon, status unknown)