these are rules you must follow.


  • No swearing.
  • No killing. Since this is Pokémon, and Pokémon faint, blood and murder will not be tolerated. Hunting scenes are allowed, though. Pokémon have to eat, don't they?
  • No sexual contact/mating. If you are seen doing this, you will be banned for a period of time, depending on how often/how descriptive the scene was.
  • No "text-talk" in your roleplay. No "OMG" or "LOL".
  • No Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu moments. Stuff like "Then Derp killed Meow with a clean swipe to the throat and Mewmew fell in love with Derp and they lived happily ever after." is not allowed.


  • No excessive swearing.
  • No threatening another user. If an admin finds out, you will be banned depending on the severity of the threat(s).
  • No spamming. You will be banned from chat for a certain amount of time, depending on how you spam.

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