Name: Realization

Pokemon: Flareon

Gender: Male

Ability: Flash Fire

Level: 45

Attacks: Hyper Voice, Curse, Flare Blitz, Flame Charge.

Items: Eviolite, Fire Stone (Inherited)

Notable appearance differences: Blue eyes, darker fur, slightly smaller than other Flareon.

Personality: Relaxed nature. Realization is very sensitive, and tries to act tough. He is very relaxed, as his nature suggests, he spends nearly all of his free time sleeping.

History: Realization was born to two very responsible Eeveelutions, an Umbreon and a Glaceon. He was raised peacefully until he was 10 weeks old, when his mother died of a plague, which his father soon fell to as well. His mother gave him his Eviolite, while his father gave Realization the evolution stone of his choice. He evolved recently, at Level 42, but strangely, kept his stone. He has both items still, and cherishes them.

Family: Unknown Umbreon and Glaceon.

Roleplayed by The Unknown Afterlife