Name: Kirameki/Sparkle

Pokemon: Jolteon

Gender: Female

Ability: Volt Absorb

Level: 15

Attacks: Thunderbolt, Bite, Charge Beam, Shock Wave.

Items: Thunder Stone

Notable Appearance Differences: Has a visible tail that's quite a lot longer than a normal Jolteon's. Her eyes are like a mood ring - they change color to her mood. She also has quite long claws, which are visible, as well as sharp, visible fangs.

Personality: Her mood swings quite a bit - She can be happy at one moment and claw you to fainting the next. She'll normally be calm and collected, but snaps pretty easy, making it extremely hard to befriend her. When you do, she's quite friendly, but Kirameki is still extremely hard to befriend because of how quickly she changes moods. She also has a fairly hard time trusting others, especially mistrusting people she hasn't seen before. If you gain her trust, however, you can befriend her nice and easily.

History: Kirameki doesn't know much of her history, but she remembers recent history. She may have gotten amnesia from a fall into water when she couldn't stop, the day she became a Jolteon.

Family: Unknown Eeveelutions.

Roleplayed by The Unknown Afterlife