Name: Kaya

Pokémon: Serperior

Gender: Female


Level: 53

Attacks: Leaf Storm, Coil, Leaf Blade, Subsitute

Items: Oran Berry

Notable Appearance Differences: none really, she's like all other serperiors

Personality: She's kind and delicate, and she's never angry, not even for a second. When she does get "angry", it's not pretty. She's always cheerful, and she makes lots of friends but she lives alone. Her bubbly and affable manner makes her a perfect female Serperior, but she has yet to find the perfect tom for her.

History: Her mother threw her out in attempt to make her tougher, and she originally was a bad tempered youngster. She met other grass types that raised her properly, and she learned to just be cheerful and life will come along. She once had a sister by her side, but she lost her in the midst of being thrown out, and she's been bent on finding her for a long time now.

Family: Two unknown Serperiors (parents) One unknown sister

Roleplayed by Cchen3