Name: Katsu (Means "victory" in Japanese)

Pokémon: Meowstic

Gender: Male

Ability: Prankster (Hidden)

Level: 42

Attacks: Psychic, Calm Mind, Double Team, Shadow Ball

Items: Metronome

Notable Appearance Differences: He has a darker fur color than most male Meowstic. His ears also have small tufts of fur on the tips.

Personality: Modest nature. Katsu is always relaxed, and prefers to avoid battles. He isn't too fond of hostility, and will flee the scene if any aggressiveness comes up. As a Psychic-type, he can speak through telepathy, so he likes to mess with others by creating a voice inside their heads just to see them freak out. He can be a bit sadistic at times and may use his psychic powers to see others be harmed. He has the tendency to let out an eerie high-pitched cackle at night.

History: Katsu was originally raised by a Trainer who hated him. When Katsu failed most of the battles he participated in, he was abandoned by the Trainer. Katsu learned how to survive on his own, and he lives at the Arcane Pond.

Family: Two unknown Meowstic (parents, status unknown), two Espurr (siblings, status unknown)

Roleplayed by Phoenix Flight