Name: Kasumi

Pokémon: Absol

Gender: Female

Item: None

Ability: Super Luck

Nature: Timid

Level: 35

Attacks: Perish Song, Bite, Slash, and Detect

Notable Appearance Differences: Instead of red eyes, she has ice-blue ones. Most of her pelt, instead of being snowy-white, is a very pale misty-blue.

Personality: Kasumi is rather shy around others. She will often try to talk to them, but her shyness prevents her from doing so. She doesn't have too many friends because of this. She doesn't like to talk about her past, and will often walk away if the other Pokémon insists she speaks about it. She is scared of almost everything, sometimes even her own shadow. Others often mention that she is a disgrace to her Dark typing. Toward her friends, she is funny and kind, often making jokes or sarcastic remarks.

History: Kasumi was born in a daycare center and was taken from her parents while still in her Egg. When she hatched, her Trainer forced her to battle stronger Pokémon while she was still low-leveled. She fainted every time, and eventually her Trainer released her into the wild, leaving her to fend for herself. Fortunately, she was adopted by a kind Delcatty. The Delcatty was captured by a team called Team Plasma, who never returned to the forest to release her. Once again, Kasumi was on her own. She was six months old at the time, and level 10, so she had decent attacks and knew how to hunt for food. She is currently living in the same forest.

Family: Two unknown Absol (status unknown; parents), a wild Delcatty (status unknown; foster mother), Kasimi (sister)

Roleplayed by Phoenix Flight