Name: Kasimi

Pokémon: Absol

Gender: Female

Level: 34

Attacks: Bite, Shadow Ball, Slash, Pursuit

Notable Appearance Differences: She has slightly orange eyes and a darker pelt then an Absol would have.

Personality: She's merely a talkative Absol, nothing like her sister Kasumi. She loves to talk, mostly about other Pokemon and their motives and their plans. She didn't know Kasumi was her sister until just recently, and they talked about their pasts, trying to see what happened while they had been apart. Her sarcastic tone is welcome all the time, and she never speaks kindly about anyone.

History: She was still in the Daycare when her sister, Kasumi, was taken away. She continued to leave there until her parents brought her out into the wild where she spent the rest of her life until she met Kasumi. She didn't meet many people, which was why she despised many other Pokemon and talked about their bad motives and used sarcastic comments against them. She never saw her parents after they told her to go, and she didn't even catch their names.

Family: Two unknown Absol parents; Kasumi (sister)

Roleplayed by Cchen3