Name: Kaito

Pokémon: Ninetales

Gender: Male

Ability: Flash Fire

Level: 61

Attacks: Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Extrasensory

Items: He wears a Focus Sash around his neck. It was from his former trainer.

Notable Appearance Differences: Kaito has a dark blue left eye and a pale red right eye. No one knows why. His left hind paw is also the same color as his tailtips.

Personality: Kaito is fierce and always ready to fight. He hates seeing others show cowardice, and will often taunt the other to fight. He often feels lonely, because of his past, and he openly accepts the feeling, claiming it "makes him stronger". He has very few friends because of this. Kaito can be sarastic at times, but most take his sarcasm as a joke. He can be forgetful about some things.

History: As a young Vulpix, his parents abandoned him at the Arcane Pond, hoping that some Flying-type would make a meal out of him. But instead, the unnamed Vulpix found his way back to the forest where his home was. He was wandering aimlessly when a Trainer found him. She caught him after he seemed fine with it, and both set off on their new journey. Kaito was evolved, and he helped his Trainer defeat the Elite Four. When his Trainer was taken hostage by a team of rogues, she released all of her Pokémon before they were taken away. Unfortunately, the Trainer's starter, a Vaporeon, insisted on staying with her, and he was stolen by the team. Kaito escaped along with the other four Pokémon, but they were seperated, and he hasn't seen any of them since.

Family: Unknown

Roleplayed by Phoenix Flight