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1) Descriptive personalities and histories, please. For personalities, "nice, funny, cool" won't be accepted. Histories like "unknown" won't be accepted either.

2) No Legendaries, please. No Mewtwo, Xerneas, Articuno, et cetera.

3) No over-powered god-like characters with uber-powerful attacks like Fissure that always hits.

4) No Mary-sues/Gary-stus. Those are characters that are perfect in every way. Everyone has flaws.

5) You must have notable things in your Pokémon's appearance. Not all can look the same. From darker fur to scars, just make them different.

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Abilitity (CANON ONLY! meaning no fan-made ones):

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Pokémon: Absol

Gender: Female

Level: 35

Attacks: Perish Song, Bite, Slash, and Detect

Notable Appearance Differences: Instead of red eyes, she has ice-blue ones. Most of her pelt, instead of being snowy-white, is a very pale misty-blue.

Personality: Kasumi is rather shy around others. She will often try to talk to them, but her shyness prevents her from doing so. She doesn't have too many friends because of this. She doesn't like to talk about her past, and will often walk away if the other Pokémon insists she speaks about it. She is scared of almost everything, sometimes even her own shadow. Others often mention that she is a disgrace to her Dark typing. Toward her friends, she is funny and kind, often making jokes or sarcastic remarks.

History: Kasumi was born in a daycare center and was taken from her parents while still in her Egg. When she hatched, her Trainer forced her to battle stronger Pokémon while she was still low-leveled. She fainted every time, and eventually her Trainer released her into the wild, leaving her to fend for herself. Fortunately, she was adopted by a kind Delcatty. The Delcatty was captured by a team called Team Plasma, who never returned to the forest to release her. Once again, Kasumi was on her own. She was six months old at the time, and level 10, so she had decent attacks and knew how to hunt for food. She is currently living in the same forest.

Family: Two unknown Absol (status unknown; parents), a wild Delcatty (status unknown; foster mother)

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Pokémon: (Vulpix, Delcatty, Absol, etc.) Absol

Gender: Female

Level: (Note that you may not make all of your Pokémon an insanely high level)  34

Attacks: (only four are allowed) Bite, Shadow Ball, Slash, Pursuit

Notable Appearance Differences: She has slightly orange eyes and a darker pelt then an Absol would have.

Personality: She's merely a talkative Absol, nothing like her sister Kasumi. She loves to talk, mostly about other Pokemon and their motives and their plans. She didn't know Kasumi was her sister until just recently, and they talked about their pasts, trying to see what happened while they had been apart. Her sarcastic tone is welcome all the time, and she never speaks kindly about anyone.

History: She was still in the Daycare when her sister, Kasumi, was taken away. She continued to leave there until her parents brought her out into the wild where she spent the rest of her life until she met Kasumi. She didn't meet many people, which was why she despised many other Pokemon and talked about their bad motives and used sarcastic comments against them. She never saw her parents after they told her to go, and she didn't even catch their names.

Family: Two unknown Absol parents; Kasumi (sister)

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Pokémon: Luxray

Gender: Female

Level: 45

Attacks: Thunder Fang/Crunch/Roar/Ice Fang

Ability: Intimidate

Item: Quick Claw *inherited from her mother*

Nature: Gentle

Notable Appearance Differences: Her mane's a little longer than usual, considering she's a female and female Luxrays have considerably short manes. Her four-point tailtip is also a bit lighter-colored than a normal Luxray's.

Personality: Rather cool-tempered, Electris is a Pokemon that is always ready to help her friends. She is, however, not excessively trusting of others, meaning that any friends that she does gain must prove themselves to her. She has an easier time trusting those of her own species, however, and she's terrified of the Onix and Geodude evolutionary lines due to her history (see below).

History: As a Shinx, level ten, the sun was just rising on the pride. Electris had always kind of liked the predawn stage of the day, when the sky was starting to change color, but the sun hadn't risen yet. Regardless of that, nearly none of the pride had been awake at this time. When the sun just started to peek out above the horizon, Electris heard a few distant bangs, and they were coming closer quickly. She instinctively used Charge, in order to power her Thunder Fang up. She'd had that as she'd hatched.

But she didn't know what was coming, and why...

When the banging got loud, the pride awoke with a start, but by then it was too late. Electris didn't know what was happening. Rocks, alive? Preposterous. But there they were. What she didn't know was that they were going for HER, having heard that she had untapped power. Her being nearest, an Onix slammed its tail near her. She immediately responded with a Thunder Fang, not realizing it did nothing.

The Onix let out a stony laugh and slammed its tail on her head, knocking her out cold...

Her father, head of the pride, and her mother, Bright Spark, had bolted to her side immediately. They knew what they were going to do, and it wasn't going to happen.

Her father Roared at the Onix, which immediately slithered off... and this was all she knew, until the healer brought Electris back 'round.

By now, the pride had been mostly destroyed; her mother had been killed by an Onix's Bind attack, she was told, and her father, one of the few with Ice Fang, had fought furiously to save the pride, but was quickly outnumbered and ultimately killed.

An Onix burst into the last safe place, where Electris and the healer was. Head pounding, she'd bolted, seeing the remnants of her pride as she left.

So she ran, ran for the forest...

Family: None alive, but she distinctly remembers her mother, Bright Spark.

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Name: Kaito

Pokémon: Ninetales

Gender: Male

Ability: Flash Fire

Level: 61

Attacks: Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Extrasensory

Items: He wears a Focus Sash around his neck. It was from his former trainer.

Notable Appearance Differences: Kaito has a dark blue left eye and a pale red right eye. No one knows why. His left hind paw is also the same color as his tailtips.

Personality: Kaito is fierce and always ready to fight. He hates seeing others show cowardice, and will often taunt the other to fight. He often feels lonely, because of his past, and he openly accepts the feeling, claiming it "makes him stronger". He has very few friends because of this. Kaito can be sarastic at times, but most take his sarcasm as a joke. He can be forgetful about some things.

History: As a young Vulpix, his parents abandoned him at the Arcane Pond, hoping that some Flying-type would make a meal out of him. But instead, the unnamed Vulpix found his way back to the forest where his home was. He was wandering aimlessly when a Trainer found him. She caught him after he seemed fine with it, and both set off on their new journey. Kaito was evolved, and he helped his Trainer defeat the Elite Four. When his Trainer was taken hostage by a team of rogues, she released all of her Pokémon before they were taken away. Unfortunately, the Trainer's starter, a Vaporeon, insisted on staying with her, and he was stolen by the team. Kaito escaped along with the other four Pokémon, but they were seperated, and he hasn't seen any of them since.

Family: Unknown

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Name: Kaya

Pokémon: (Vulpix, Delcatty, Absol, etc.) Serperior

Gender: Female

Ability: (Hidden Abilities are allowed)

Level: (Note that you may not make all of your Pokémon an insanely high level) 53

Attacks: (only four are allowed) Leaf Storm, Coil, Leaf Blade, Subsitute

Items: Oran Berry

Notable Appearance Differences: none really, she's like all other serperiors

Personality (include Nature ((timid, bold, bashful, etc.)) please): She's kind and delicate, and she's never angry, not even for a second. When she does get "angry", it's not pretty. She's always cheerful, and she makes lots of friends but she lives alone. Her bubbly and affable manner makes her a perfect female Serperior, but she has yet to find the perfect tom for her.

History: Her mother threw her out in attempt to make her tougher, and she originally was a bad tempered youngster. She met other grass types that raised her properly, and she learned to just be cheerful and life will come along. She once had a sister by her side, but she lost her in the midst of being thrown out, and she's been bent on finding her for a long time now.

Family: Two unknown Serperiors (parents) One unknown sister

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Name: Realization

Pokemon: Flareon

Gender: Male

Ability: Flash Fire

Level: 45

Attacks: Hyper Voice, Curse, Flare Blitz, Flame Charge.

Items: Eviolite, Fire Stone (Inherited)

Notable appearance differences: Blue eyes, darker fur, slightly smaller than other Flareon.

Personality: Relaxed nature. Realization is very sensitive, and tries to act tough. He is very relaxed, as his nature suggests, he spends nearly all of his free time sleeping.

History: Realization was born to two very responsible Eeveelutions, an Umbreon and a Glaceon. He was raised peacefully until he was 10 weeks old, when his mother died of a plague, which his father soon fell to as well. His mother gave him his Eviolite, while his father gave Realization the evolution stone of his choice. He evolved recently, at Level 42, but strangely, kept his stone. He has both items still, and cherishes them.

Family: Unknown Umbreon and Glaceon. The Unknown Afterlife (talk) 23:34, June 27, 2014 (UTC)

--Approved~ But, with the weight of the world on my shoulders, how could I smile? 23:40, June 27, 2014 (UTC)


Name: Kirameki/Sparkle

Pokemon: Jolteon

Gender: Female

Ability: Volt Absorb

Level: 15

Attacks: Thunderbolt, Bite, Charge Beam, Shock Wave.

Items: Thunder Stone

Notable Appearance Differences: Has a visible tail that's quite a lot longer than a normal Jolteon's. Her eyes are like a mood ring - they change color to her mood. She also has quite long claws, which are visible, as well as sharp, visible fangs.

Personality: Her mood swings quite a bit - She can be happy at one moment and claw you to fainting the next. She'll normally be calm and collected, but snaps pretty easy, making it extremely hard to befriend her. When you do, she's quite friendly, but Kirameki is still extremely hard to befriend because of how quickly she changes moods. She also has a fairly hard time trusting others, especially mistrusting people she hasn't seen before. If you gain her trust, however, you can befriend her nice and easily.

History: Kirameki doesn't know much of her history, but she remembers recent history. She may have gotten amnesia from a fall into water when she couldn't stop, the day she became a Jolteon.

Family: Unknown Eeveelutions.

The Unknown Afterlife (talk) 10:55, July 1, 2014 (UTC)

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Name: Katsu (Means "victory" in Japanese)

Pokémon: Meowstic

Gender: Male

Ability: Prankster (Hidden)

Level: 42

Attacks: Psychic, Calm Mind, Double Team, Shadow Ball

Items: Metronome

Notable Appearance Differences: He has a darker fur color than most male Meowstic. His ears also have small tufts of fur on the tips.

Personality: Modest nature. Katsu is always relaxed, and prefers to avoid battles. He isn't too fond of hostility, and will flee the scene if any aggressiveness comes up. As a Psychic-type, he can speak through telepathy, so he likes to mess with others by creating a voice inside their heads just to see them freak out. He can be a bit sadistic at times and may use his psychic powers to see others be harmed. He has the tendency to let out an eerie high-pitched cackle at night.

History: Katsu was originally raised by a Trainer who hated him. When Katsu failed most of the battles he participated in, he was abandoned by the Trainer. Katsu learned how to survive on his own, and he lives at the Arcane Pond.

Family: Two unknown Meowstic (parents, status unknown), two Espurr (siblings, status unknown)

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Name: Bella (Based on my Raichu, Bell)

Pokémon: Pikachu

Gender: Female

Ability: Static

Level: 47

Attacks: Thunderbolt, Discharge, Rock smash, Strength

Items: Zap Plate

Notable Appearance Differences: Purple sweater (Likes to play her 3DS XD jk)

Personality : Jolly, hates to lose. She is friendly, happy, and kind. Bella likes to keep to herself, but will tell someone something important/a secret if she trusts them a lot. Angers easily. Sometimes she will let out a static jolt when mad, but is usually calm. She will get frustrated when she can't do something after several tries. Sore loser, but in a good way. Stubborn. Usually tends to avoid serious battles, but she enjoys play battles. Will retaliate. Will attack if her friends are injured. A tell-tail sign she is getting frustrated is that her tail starts to twitch.

History: She was attacked by a flock of Spearrows, which left her decrepit and injured. A trainer was leaving town and noticed it, and immediately took it in. The trainer's Fennekin had just died, so she was determined not to let Bella pass away. She took her to a Pokemon center, and when she was all healed up, the trainer gave her a purple sweater to keep her safe. 47 long levels later, the trainer who had nursed Bella back to health, died. Bella ran away in fear until she reached the Lightleaf Forest, where she usually hangs out, calm and content.  

Family: Unknown mother and father (deceased), 3 brothers (Alive)

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Name: Zardi

Pokémon: (Vulpix, Delcatty, Absol, etc.) Flygon

Gender: Female

Ability: (Hidden Abilities are allowed) Levitate

Level: (Note that you may not make all of your Pokémon an insanely high level) 61

Attacks: (only four are allowed) Fly, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Earth Power

Items: Dragon Claw

Notable Appearance Differences: She doesn't look very different from other Flygon.

Personality (include Nature ((timid, bold, bashful, etc.)) please): She's very timid and shy, but she wants to be more outgoing. When she meets another pokemon, she usually gets really shy, and doesn't talk much. She only gets into lengthy conversations with her friends, and she hates conversing with pokemon that are stronger and has a type advantage against her. When challenged in a pokemon battle, she'll accept, but if she loses, she refuses to admit it. She'll be angry for days, flying around uneasily, knowing that she wasn't strong enough.

History: When she was little, she was sent out by her trainer to battle against ice type pokemon. The type advantage made it hard for her, and she couldn't prove to her trainer that she was strong. This led to her bashful and timid personality, since she used to be more outgoing and louder when she was young. Afterwards, she fended off by herself in the wild, and she didn't have any friends. She closed herself off from the outside world, and only talked if she wants to.

Family: She doesn't know her father and mother, or if she has any siblings.

Approved by maker c: Sometimes crying or laughing are the only options left, and laughing feels better right now. 15:57, July 6, 2014 (UTC)

Jeonsa (Korean for Warrior)Edit

Name: Jeonsa

Species: Lucario

Level: 91

Gender: Male

Moves: Close Combat, Poison Jab, Power-Up Punch, and Swords Dance.

Differences from normal: He has a dark gray mark on his right arm. Jeonsa is also Shiny.

Personality: Extremely anti-social. If he talks to you at all, he’ll seem just anti-social, and kind of a jerk. But when you get to know him… He’s depressed, just turning his sadness to anger. He has really no other way to not become a complete, depressed mess. (See below for the reason.) He is a highly vengeful Lucario, he will get anyone who harms him a taste of their own medicine, very quickly, thus, is a Hasty natured Lucario.

History: Jeonsa was born to extremely abusive parents, who beat him at every chance they could. When he was beaten, he was beaten really bad. He started resorting to desperate measures, beating his parents back when he was older. There was one time where he was nearly beaten to death, however. Him being a Riolu at the time, he wasn’t so tolerant to pain, so he screamed. And screamed. Nobody listened. That reinforced that nobody cared about him - He was often teased as well, when with other Riolu. As he evolved into a Lucario, he cried. His evolution only meant pain to him. He now knew that he was on his own. And he couldn’t do anything about it. He wasn’t proud. He felt sick at himself. He had to try and be proud, someone who he wasn't, to fit in. It didn't work... He was outcast by everyone, making him resort inward. He still hides his depressed side to date.

Family: Long broken up, two abusive parents and 7 older brothers.

(Good GOD, this took like a week and a few months! JK, it took 2 hours~) The Unknown Afterlife (talk) 00:28, July 7, 2014 (UTC)

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Name: Ayano

Pokémon: Umbreon

Gender: Female

Ability: Syncronoize

Level: 23

Attacks: Payback, Feint Attack, Quick Attack, Yawn

Items: She wears a Silk Scarf - she found it at the Arcane Pond - around her neck.

Notable Appearance Differences: She is a Shiny Umbreon. Her tail is fluffier than other Umbreons', and her ears have blue tufts on the eartips.

Personality: Timid nature. Her trait is quick to flee. She is very quiet, and her voice is pretty and soft. She is gentle and caring, and hates fighting. She is sweet and kind, but doesn't make any friends. She is afraid that they will betray her and leave her alone. She has no friends because of this, but that doesn't stop her from being nice. Despite her sweet and caring personality, she dislikes dealing with young baby Pokemon.

History: Ayano was born to a Leafeon and an Espeon in the alleyways of Icefall City. She was, surprisingly, born Shiny. Her fur blended in well with the snow, but after a Trainer tried to catch her, her father moved the family to the Arcane Pond. Ayano wandered off and got lost in the forest. One night, she came in contact with a Moon Shard. Being the curious little Eevee she was, she touched the shard with a paw. One minute, she was an innocent, cheery little Eevee. The next, she was a sleek, dark-furred Umbreon with glowing blue eyes and light ambery-orange eyes. She was confused, then scared. She ran away to a secluded area in the forest, believing that she would hurt anyone that came close.

Family:  A Leafeon (mother), an Espeon (father), both with an unknown status.

Extras: From Japanese 彩 (aya) "color" or 綾 (aya) "design" combined with 乃 (no), a possessive particle.

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Name: Nisshoku

Pokémon: Ninetales

Gender: Female

Ability: Mysterious Flames

Level: LV. 43

Attacks: Flame Bash, Feiry Licks, Beat, Fire Fang

Items: Old Amber, Revive, Healing Scarf

Notable Appearance Differences: Ninetales is a white Female fox-type Pokemon. Her difference is that she has black tail tips and a scar across her left cheek. She has bright leafy green eyes.

Personality: Nisshoku is very mother-like and kind but when she is in a Pokemon Battle she can fight very well. She will protect her baby Vulpix with all of her life, and kill if she had to. She is very fast.

History: Ninetails was born in a dark cave with no food or shelter because her mother and father Ninetales left her because she was different from her siblings. She went out on her own and tried to fight off other Pokemon but she failed. She ended up getting a huge scar across her cheek from a male Hounddoom and that made her more determined to go out and challenge the world. She found another Ninetails male and they fell in love and he left her when she had a baby Vulpix. Now she is determined to kill the Hounddoom that almost killed her...

Family: Sora(Vulpix, son)

Emeraldfire8 (talk) 18:21, July 18, 2014 (UTC)

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Name: Fuyu (Means Winter in Japanese)

Pokémon: Aurorus

Gender: Male

Abilitity (CANON ONLY! meaning no fan-made ones): Refrigerate

Level: 61

Attacks (same as ability: CANON ONLY!): Avalanche, Freeze-Dry, Ancient Power, Toxic

Items (two at most): Quick Claw

Notable Appearance Differences: His tail is shorter than other Aurorus's, and his body is slightly darker than most others.

Personality: Cold (lawlz), sensitive, and intelligent. He doesn't mind trainers much, so long as they don't try to hurt him. Quiet, and doesn't talk with you a lot until you get to know him. Then he is friendly and more talkative, but you have earned it. Talks to himself. Tends to avoid battles but will fight at all costs if he is mocked or teased.

History: A lone Amaura, cast out by a Paleontologists who was searching for a shiny one. So it came as a shock that his sister was the elusive pale white Amaura. Shunned for his regular colour, he ran off, scared of all trainers, and even hating them. He got over this fear quickly, since he was fed an Oran berry by a friendly passerby. Eventually, he met up with one of his brothers, wandering off for the same reason. As they journeyed, they met a group of nasty Pyroars, sneering at Fuyu's brother for being much smaller than usual. It was night while Fuyu launched into battle, not caring that he was up against fire-types, he knew he was a rock-type. Since it was night, Fuyu evolved, and beat the Pyroars. After that, Fuyu and his brother wound up in Icefall City, where they live. (His brother is named Yuki, BTW)

Family: Yuki, Jentoru (his sister)

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Name: Kasai (Japanese for fire)

Pokémon: Growlithe

Gender: Male

Abilitity (CANON ONLY! meaning no fan-made ones): Flash fire

Level: 22

Attacks (same as ability: CANON ONLY!): Crunch, Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Close Combat. (Hey, I've got a Lv. 1 Growlithe with these, plus, Kasai doesn't really care about his moveset).

Items (two at most): Fire Stone

Notable Appearance Differences: Red handkerchief scarf around his neck.

Personality: Jolly, proud of its power. Kasai is carefree and happy. However, he is not the brightest. He loves to play, and doesn't care much about the world around him. He thinks everything is a game, and he's pretty darn good at playing it. He usually goes with the flow. Prefers not to battle.

History: Kasai's history isn't tragic at all. He was born with his twin brother, Honō, on a sunny day. Kasai and his brother were always warm and well-fed, play-fighting with each other, and their parents loved them very much. They lived with a trainer couple, who gave him and his brother Fire Stones, in case the two ever wanted to evolve. When they left the trainers, though being a higher level, they still played a lot, acting like pups. They never leave each other's side as they travel through (insert name of this place).

Family: Parents: Too lazy to name Brother: Honō

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Name: Sägebock (German for Horse)

Pokemon: Rapidash

Gender: Male

Ability: Flame Body

Level: 40

Moves: (just for the sake) Flame charge, protect, sunny day, and stomp.

Items: pretty feather (I think that's an item, not sure)

Appearance: White fur instead of tan (looks like tan to me). Has a red spiked collar around his neck, and a yellow bow on his chest.

Personality: He loves to goof around and make jokes. Although his jokes and puns are not funny at all. But he can make himself crack up. For him it's very hard to take things seriously, and finds humor in everything. However he can be upset like calling him names or that someone got lost. He is the most optimistic spirit, and pretty goofy. But if his friends or his sister are threatened, he can react pretty quickly.

History: He was owned by a contest hosted. He competed in the contests and loved performing. Whether it be doing tricks or doing a play. He traveled city to city performing for the audience. But once a Pokemon tried to attack him when he was outside. He didn't know how to fight, so he ran and ran until he got lost. He kept his items from his owner and always wore them.

Family: Sister, Bree (later, will be below)

Fire-types and Red (talk) 01:17, August 17, 2014 (UTC)

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Name: Bree

Pokemon: Ponyta

Level: 10

Items: everlasting stone (not sure again)

Ability: Flame body

Appearance: Bright, sunny yellow eyes and a seashell and pearl necklace.

Personality: She is a very calm Pokemon, able to keep her cool in the most stressful situations. She also hates fighting, and always wants peace in every Pokemon and person. However, she is extremely gullible, always the best Pokemon to lay tricks on her. 

History: Like her brother, she was owned by a contest host. She liked performing, but sometimes it got boring. She disliked moving city to city, sometimes moving across regions. The day when they were attacked, they ran and ran. They were lost, then found this place, and decided to stay

Family: brother, Sägebock (above)

Fire-types and Red (talk) 13:23, August 20, 2014 (UTC)

--I don't think the Everlasting Stone's an item. Anyway, approved. But, with the weight of the world on my shoulders, how could I smile? 22:58, August 20, 2014 (UTC)


Name: Twister

Pokemon: Absol

Level: 69

Moves: Knock Off, Sword Dance, Superpower, Sucker Punch

Nature: Jolly (Don't ask me why, it just is...)

Item: Choice Scarf (Scarf wrapped around too-furry-for-you neck)

Ability: Magic Bounce

Appearance: A straight-up Mega Absol, stuck in her Mega Evolution form, unable to switch back. This is why her neck is too-furry-for-you and why her ability is Magic Bounce.

Personality: She is very shy and cold, rarely speaking, only gesturing. She doesn't trust many Pokemon, and is very independent. Twister also has a short temper, responding with usual a glare and angry swipe of the tail. She has a thing for younger Pokemon, and can't stay around them.

History: Twister was born in Unova from a well-known breeder. She was sold to a family and given to their daughter as a birthday present. They grew up together, and her Trainer went to Kalos to travel. There, she found an Absolite and recieved a Key Stone, so viola! While in the midst of a battle, Twister's Absolite fell off after the opposing Scyther slashed at it, and it fell and shattered, locking Twister in her Mega Evolution form. Her Trainer soon died from a Team Plasma attack afterwards, and she traveled on her own, untrusting of humans and Pokemon alike.

Family: Mother (Absol, status unknown); Father (Unknown Pokemon, status unknown)

{{SUBST:User:Whitefeather09/Sig}} 03:26, September 24, 2014 (UTC)

could you add on to personality and history? like, where did she come from (breeder, wild, etc), and does the permanent Mega Form make her more powerful than she'd normally be orrr But, with the weight of the world on my shoulders, how could I smile?

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Name: Draco

Pokémon: Sylveon

Gender: Male

Level: 62

Abilitity (CANON ONLY! meaning no fan-made ones): Pixilate

Attacks (same as ability: CANON ONLY!): Hyper Voice, Moonblast, Psyshock, Calm Mind

Items (two at most): Choice Specs

Appearance: Draco, instead of the normal pink-blue-white scheme, is blue-pink-white scheme, thus being shiny. He wears the Choice Specs as sorta yellow sunglasses, tied onto him and refuses to take them off at anytime (not like he could anyway).

Personality: Draco is the Sylveon who is kind and intelligent, but responds very quickly to taunts and even the lightest teases. His mood is always kind and soft and caring and generally nice, but once you make fun of him (taunts mainly being him being a Fairy, pink, and a boy), YOU. ARE. FAINTED. He thinks before making a decision, because of the Choice Specs, and is the reason why he is nicknamed "Draco the Philosopher."

History: Draco was born as a Shiny Eevee and given away to a boy named Tom. Tom was a competitive battler, a participent of the GBA, and decided he wanted a Sylveon. Draco had max Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and HP, so why not? Tom threw Draco into a battle with a Salamence, but the problem was was that it was 1v1, Draco had Choice Specs, and Tom ordered him to use Calm Mind. Down Draco went, and Tom threw him out (again) into another place, and released him after he lost the battle. Draco now wanders around, still seething at the fact that Tom was an idiot to make him use Calm Mind when he was holding an item that only lets you use the first move you choose.

Family: Mother (Espeon, status unknown), Father (Vaporeon, status unknown)

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