Name: Jeonsa (Korean for warrior)

Species: Lucario

Level: 100 (going by how he is in my copy of Y.)

Gender: Male

Moves: Close Combat, Earthquake, Power-Up Punch, and Swords Dance.

Differences from normal: He has a dark gray mark on his right arm. Jeonsa is also Shiny.

Personality: Extremely anti-social. If he talks to you at all, he’ll seem just anti-social, and kind of a jerk. But when you get to know him… He’s depressed, just turning his sadness to anger. He has really no other way to not become a complete, depressed mess. (See below for the reason.) He is a highly vengeful Lucario, he will get anyone who harms him a taste of their own medicine, very quickly, thus, is a Hasty natured Lucario.

History: Jeonsa was born to extremely abusive parents, who beat him at every chance they could. When he was beaten, he was beaten really bad. He started resorting to desperate measures, beating his parents back when he was older. There was one time where he was nearly beaten to death, however. Him being a Riolu at the time, he wasn’t so tolerant to pain, so he screamed. And screamed. Nobody listened. That reinforced that nobody cared about him - He was often teased as well, when with other Riolu. As he evolved into a Lucario, he cried. His evolution only meant pain to him. He now knew that he was on his own. And he couldn’t do anything about it. He wasn’t proud. He felt sick at himself. He had to try and be proud, someone who he wasn't, to fit in. It didn't work... He was outcast by everyone, making him resort inward. He still hides his depressed side to date.

Family: Long broken up, two abusive parents and 7 older brothers.

(He is not shiny in my game, by the way.)

Roleplayed by The Unknown Afterlife