Name: Fuyu (Means Winter in Japanese)

Pokémon: Aurorus

Gender: Male

Abilitity: Refrigerate

Level: 61

Attacks: Avalanche, Freeze-Dry, Ancient Power, Toxic

Items: Quick Claw

Notable Appearance Differences: His tail is shorter than other Aurorus's, and his body is slightly darker than most others.

Personality: Cold (lawlz), sensitive, and intelligent. He doesn't mind trainers much, so long as they don't try to hurt him. Quiet, and doesn't talk with you a lot until you get to know him. Then he is friendly and more talkative, but you have earned it. Talks to himself. Tends to avoid battles but will fight at all costs if he is mocked or teased.

History: A lone Amaura, cast out by a Paleontologists who was searching for a shiny one. So it came as a shock that his sister was the elusive pale white Amaura. Shunned for his regular colour, he ran off, scared of all trainers, and even hating them. He got over this fear quickly, since he was fed an Oran berry by a friendly passerby. Eventually, he met up with one of his brothers, wandering off for the same reason. As they journeyed, they met a group of nasty Pyroars, sneering at Fuyu's brother for being much smaller than usual. It was night while Fuyu launched into battle, not caring that he was up against fire-types, he knew he was a rock-type. Since it was night, Fuyu evolved, and beat the Pyroars. After that, Fuyu and his brother wound up in Icefall City, where they live.

Family: Yuki, Jentoru (his sister)

Roleplayed by Warriorlover1234