Name: Electris

Pokémon: Luxray

Gender: Female

Level: 45

Attacks: Thunder Fang/Crunch/Roar/Ice Fang

Ability: Intimidate

Item: Quick Claw *inherited from her mother*

Nature: Gentle

Notable Appearance Differences: Her mane's a little longer than usual, considering she's a female and female Luxrays have considerably short manes. Her four-point tailtip is also a bit lighter-colored than a normal Luxray's.

Personality: Rather cool-tempered, Electris is a Pokemon that is always ready to help her friends. She is, however, not excessively trusting of others, meaning that any friends that she does gain must prove themselves to her. She has an easier time trusting those of her own species, however, and she's terrified of the Onix and Geodude evolutionary lines due to her history (see below).

History: As a Shinx, level ten, the sun was just rising on the pride. Electris had always kind of liked the predawn stage of the day, when the sky was starting to change color, but the sun hadn't risen yet. Regardless of that, nearly none of the pride had been awake at this time. When the sun just started to peek out above the horizon, Electris heard a few distant bangs, and they were coming closer quickly. She instinctively used Charge, in order to power her Thunder Fang up. She'd had that as she'd hatched.

But she didn't know what was coming, and why...

When the banging got loud, the pride awoke with a start, but by then it was too late. Electris didn't know what was happening. Rocks, alive? Preposterous. But there they were. What she didn't know was that they were going for HER, having heard that she had untapped power. Her being nearest, an Onix slammed its tail near her. She immediately responded with a Thunder Fang, not realizing it did nothing.

The Onix let out a stony laugh and slammed its tail on her head, knocking her out cold...

Her father, head of the pride, and her mother, Bright Spark, had bolted to her side immediately. They knew what they were going to do, and it wasn't going to happen.

Her father Roared at the Onix, which immediately slithered off... and this was all she knew, until the healer brought Electris back 'round.

By now, the pride had been mostly destroyed; her mother had been killed by an Onix's Bind attack, she was told, and her father, one of the few with Ice Fang, had fought furiously to save the pride, but was quickly outnumbered and ultimately killed.

An Onix burst into the last safe place, where Electris and the healer was. Head pounding, she'd bolted, seeing the remnants of her pride as she left.

So she ran, ran for the forest...

Family: None alive, but she distinctly remembers her mother, Bright Spark.

Roleplayed by Loudclaw