Name: Draco

Pokémon: Sylveon

Gender: Male

Level: 62

Abilitity (CANON ONLY! meaning no fan-made ones): Pixilate

Attacks (same as ability: CANON ONLY!): Hyper Voice, Moonblast, Psyshock, Calm Mind

Items (two at most): Choice Specs

Appearance: Draco, instead of the normal pink-blue-white scheme, is blue-pink-white scheme, thus being shiny. He wears the Choice Specs as sorta yellow sunglasses, tied onto him and refuses to take them off at anytime (not like he could anyway).

Personality: Draco is the Sylveon who is kind and intelligent, but responds very quickly to taunts and even the lightest teases. His mood is always kind and soft and caring and generally nice, but once you make fun of him (taunts mainly being him being a Fairy, pink, and a boy), YOU. ARE. FAINTED. He thinks before making a decision, because of the Choice Specs, and is the reason why he is nicknamed "Draco the Philosopher."

History: Draco was born as a Shiny Eevee and given away to a boy named Tom. Tom was a competitive battler, a participent of the GBA, and decided he wanted a Sylveon. Draco had max Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and HP, so why not? Tom threw Draco into a battle with a Salamence, but the problem was was that it was 1v1, Draco had Choice Specs, and Tom ordered him to use Calm Mind. Down Draco went, and Tom threw him out (again) into another place, and released him after he lost the battle. Draco now wanders around, still seething at the fact that Tom was an idiot to make him use Calm Mind when he was holding an item that only lets you use the first move you choose.

Family: Mother (Espeon, status unknown), Father (Vaporeon, status unknown)