Name: Bella

Pokémon: Pikachu

Gender: Female

Ability: Static

Level: 47

Attacks: Thunderbolt, Discharge, Rock Smash, Strength

Items: Zap Plate

Notable Appearance Differences: Purple sweater

Personality : Jolly, hates to lose. She is friendly, happy, and kind. Bella likes to keep to herself, but will tell someone something important/a secret if she trusts them a lot. Angers easily. Sometimes she will let out a static jolt when mad, but is usually calm. She will get frustrated when she can't do something after several tries. Sore loser, but in a good way. Stubborn. Usually tends to avoid serious battles, but she enjoys play battles. Will retaliate. Will attack if her friends are injured. A tell-tail sign she is getting frustrated is that her tail starts to twitch.

History: She was attacked by a flock of Spearrows, which left her decrepit and injured. A trainer was leaving town and noticed it, and immediately took it in. The trainer's Fennekin had just died, so she was determined not to let Bella pass away. She took her to a Pokemon center, and when she was all healed up, the trainer gave her a purple sweater to keep her safe. 47 long levels later, the trainer who had nursed Bella back to health, died. Bella ran away in fear until she reached the Lightleaf Forest, where she usually hangs out, calm and content.  

Family: Unknown mother and father (deceased), 3 brothers (Alive)

Roleplayed by Warriorlover12345