Name: Ayano

Pokémon: Umbreon

Gender: Female

Ability: Syncronoize

Level: 30

Attacks: Payback, Feint Attack, Quick Attack, Yawn

Items: She wears a Silk Scarf - she found it at the Arcane Pond - around her neck.

Notable Appearance Differences: She is a Shiny Umbreon. Her tail is fluffier than other Umbreons', and her ears have blue tufts on the eartips.

Personality: Timid nature. Her trait is quick to flee. She is very quiet, and her voice is pretty and soft. She is gentle and caring, and hates fighting. She is sweet and kind, but doesn't make any friends. She is afraid that they will betray her and leave her alone. She has no friends because of this, but that doesn't stop her from being nice. Despite her sweet and caring personality, she dislikes dealing with young baby Pokemon.

History: Ayano was born to a Leafeon and an Espeon in the alleyways of Icefall City. She was, surprisingly, born Shiny. Her fur blended in well with the snow, but after a Trainer tried to catch her, her father moved the family to the Arcane Pond. Ayano wandered off and got lost in the forest. One night, she came in contact with a Moon Shard. Being the curious little Eevee she was, she touched the shard with a paw. One minute, she was an innocent, cheery little Eevee. The next, she was a sleek, dark-furred Umbreon with glowing blue rings and light ambery-orange eyes. She was confused, then scared. She ran away to a secluded area in the forest, believing that she would hurt anyone that came close.

Family:  A Leafeon (mother), an Espeon (father), both with an unknown status.

Extras: From Japanese 彩 (aya) "color" or 綾 (aya) "design" combined with 乃 (no), a possessive particle.

Roleplayed by Phoenix Flight